Game FAQ

Q : How do we decide who goes first?
A : If you don’t have a funnier way to choose, place a TREXO tile on the board and spin it. The player sitting closest to “X” plays “X” and therefore begins.

Q : When I place my tile there will be an empty space left as a void, where there isn’t room for another tile to be placed. Is it OK?
A : Yes, it is completely according to the rules. It may in some situations be a good defense method so that the opponent cannot make use of that square.

Q: Can you build a third level?
A : Yes, it is allowed to build as many levels as You want as long as the tile is placed on two other tiles which in turn are at the same level.

Q : Do I need to put the first tile in the middle of the board?
A : No, you can start anywhere on the board.

Q : Do the tile I put out need to lie adjacent to another tile ?
A : No, it may be placed anywhere on the board, as long as it otherwise is in accordance with the rules.

Q : Can you get five in a row from top to bottom in a stack?
A : No, only horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Only the top symbol in each square is counted.

Q : Do all the symbols need to be at the same level to count as five in a row?
A : No, as long as the symbols are at the top of each square it does not matter what level they are.

Q: Does six or more symbols in a row count as a win?
A: Yes, as long as you have five or more in a row it counts as a win.

Q : Where can I buy TREXO
A : See for Swedish retailers and web shops.

Q : Is there a TREXO championship ?
A : Not yet, but it is planned to be held Swedish Championships in the future. Please contact us if You know of a TREXO contest outside Sweden.

Q : Is there any good way to write down game moves so I can remember good games ?
A : Yes, see menu section “Game Notation”